Gabriel Dzodom Personal Website


My name is Gabriel (Gabe) Dzodom. I was born and mostly grew up in Cameroon. I emigrated to the United States in 2001 and have been living here ever since.

I call Virginia, my home away from home. I went to Northern Virginia Community College to learn English, then to University of Virginia to get my Bachelor degree in computer science and mathematics. Then, I spent a couple of years working in Alexandria as a software developer. Later, I moved to Texas and to pursue a doctorate in Computer Science at Texas A&M University which I completed in 2020 during the pandemic.

I am currently working as a software developer at HP.

My general professional interests are in the design and development of human centered systems in areas such as education, disability or DIY.

Outside my professional interests, I have a penchant for the arts and creative home activities such as cooking, baking, or gardening. I also read regularly mostly on social issues and murder mysteries. Finally, I am still a big sucker for 2D animation. When I am not watching documentaries, I tend to entertain myself with anime.

To know more or, if you have any question or request, please contact me at